TRRRific! Products is a line of handmade, artisanal foods based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.    Produced in small batches,  TRRRific! Products are made using fresh, high quality products and never contain anything artificial.  Our pickled products  are made using lactic acid fermentation, a process that has been used in many cultures the world over for thousands of years.  TRRRific! Products are DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS.

Fermentation Process

Unlike most commercial pickle products, ours are fermented in brine rather than preserved in vinegar.  The fermentation process produces not only a tasty and crunchy pickle, it also promotes the production of probiotic microorganisms.  Here’s how the fermentation process works:  Basically, lactic acid bacteria, which is naturally present on the surface of raw vegetables, breaks down natural sugars in those vegetables when brined and creates lactic acid.  The result…….. preserved, flavorful pickles, full of probiotics.

Fermented TRRRific! Products Facts

  • TRRRific! Products contain no dairy, despite the word “lactic”
  • TRRRific! Products should be kept refrigerated for maximum freshness and flavor
  • TRRRific! Products are not pasteurized
  • TRRRific! Products contain no vinegar
  • TRRRific! Products may have sediment and a cloudy appearance.  Fermented foods often produce a sediment as a result of the lactic acid fermentation process.  When a jar of fermented product is moved, this sediment can produce a cloudy brine, and is perfectly normal.
  • The “fizz” often seen when opening a new jar of fermented products is normal and is evidence of fermentation.